Polymer Clay Care Guide

We spend time and care learning to make our products durable and beautiful but we understand that life gets busy and things get broken, so here are some handy hints to keeping your polymer clay earring as safe and long lasting as possible.

  • Keep the clay away from any harsh solvents such as hairspray, moisturisers or deodorants.

  • Store your new babies in a cool, dry place where they can't be knocked around. We recommend an earring holder.

  • Avoid wearing during swimming or showers.

  • Although polymer clay is durable, it can be chipped and scratched so please take care when handling your jewellery. If you do need to clean the clay, a simple moist cloth should do the trick, if this doesn't get the scuff out, a light rub with an earbud and some rubbing alcohol will remove the stain. 

If the worst does happen and despite your extra special care, the earrings do become damaged, please let us know and we can make further arrangements. Please note; our refunds and return policy only applies to 3 months from delivery of the items and proof of purchase is required.


With these tips at your side, you will enjoy your items for a long time to come.